Divorce Protector

What You Will Learn

Actions that must be completed within 72 hours of abandonment or formal filings leveled against you to build a Foundation to Freedom.  These are mandatory actions required to secure your personal and financial safety as well as the documentary evidence necessary for favorable outcomes.  Properly executed these steps can save you thousands of dollars.

How to assess your spouse’s personal weaknesses to create negotiating advantages.

How to set up an intelligence gathering operation to monitor your tactics as well as possibly saving your life.


The importance of documentary evidence collection and preparation for trial evidence.


How to realistically assess your asset liquidation values in order to reach a settlement. They are not worth what either parties think.


What you can do in preparing your trial case saving thousands of dollars.


Why and when to use third party witnesses to protect yourself against false accusations and personal safety.

How to secure personal property, records, documents and your credit.


How to control the momentum of the proceedings and why it is important.


How to shift your financial resources to non-bank assets and why it is so important.

How to pave the road for the judge to be favorable to your position.  It is not about being nice.  It is about being prepared!


How to sort, label, number and prepare evidence for submission to the opposition, your attorney and the court.  They are not the same thing.


How to minimize or deflect typical personal attacks leveled against you by taking proactive protection measures.

Direct actions you can take to minimize the emotional stresses you are going to experience.


Why you must focus on these legal matters to quickly and effectively extricate yourself from the family law hamster wheel.

Why this is the greatest personal war you will ever experience.


Why the law is not your friend.


Why your lawyer is not your friend.


Why the court system is not your friend.


Why self-reliance will produce the best results in the end.


Why you must realistically consider settling and not go to trial.


How to control the narrative to maximize the destruction of your ex-spouses credibility.

How to properly manage the relationship with your lawyer to produce the best results.


How to research and choose the best lawyer for your needs.


How to establish a manageable budget with your attorney.


How to use law enforcement to protect your personal well being and prevent false accusations from being leveled against you.

How to increase the attorney costs to your ex-spouse to create negotiating advantages.


How to handle interrogatory questioning.


Why you should not go to trial unless there is no other choice.


How to protect your electronic communications from being compromised.


Why friends are so important.


When to keep your mouth shut!


How to purchase non-bank assets.


What equipment you will need to prepare a trial case.


Why you must be actively involved and what you can and cannot do.


Why you should isolate your ex-spouse as much as possible.


Why you must make your ex-spouse the bad guy.


Why winning is surviving financially.


Why you cannot engage in violence against your ex-spouse except to save your own life.


Why you should not leave your residence.

Divorce Protector is a battle plan that builds step by step a Foundation to Freedom that can then be expanded for a favorable settlement or ultimately a trial resolution.  The process can be visualized as building a pyramid requiring a solid foundation and careful placement of each layer of stone until your goal of exiting the legal system is completed.

We will provide you our recommendation of the equipment necessary to prepare the trial case and links where you can price and purchase these items.


Why this process is all about the money, not fairness, not hurt feelings, not wrong or right. The only way the court system can render a solution is to liquidate your assets for distribution.


Why this is the most important defense of your lifetime.


None of us wanted to be experts in this subject. 


For Less Than What an Attorney Is About to Charge You for An Hour of His Time


You Need This Information To Win and Survive!