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World Class Divorce Tactics For Men That Work!

Tactics Lawyers Won't Tell You That Save You Thousands!

Divorce What's at Stake

Your Assets

Your Bank Balances

Your Future Income

Your future life with the kids

Your Retirement

Your Home

Your Location where you can live

Your Automobiles  

Your Life as You Know it

Your Dog, Yes Really!

The Book

Prepare to Win and Survive 

 Proven steps you can take to save your assets, your future life.

Tactics lawyers will not and in some cases can not tell you.

A Plan for You

This is a step by step plan to protect your future. Many of  us have a  TV version in our minds of how the court system works. 

Reality is very very different.

The family court system is  not designed as a place for fair and equal dispute resolution. It is far from it. 

Your future life, your time with your children, how your assets, your future income will be divided is going to be decided by the court. The court will decide with very little to no regard for what is fair or realistic! Many times the unprepared never recovers a normal life, NEVER!

You must take action. 

We have a proven action plan so that you control the momentum and protect what matters most to you.

What You Learn

Methods to protect your Assets

Protect your credit 

How to Stay in your home 

Interviewing lawyers so you get the best one for your side

Preparing to win in Court 

And Much More......


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