24 to 72 Hour Action Plan Tips

Here are some of the items of the first 24 hours you must do.

Create New Email Address

Establish a new email address. Use a free service. Easy to remember user name and password if possible. Try to use all or part of your name (name.2345@freemail.com). Write down the user name and password on paper and put in your wallet or purse. Set up automatic forwarding from your current email to the new email address. This provides a second copy in case some mails are being erased without your knowledge

Create New Password for Email And All Devices

Here is a way to create a password that is really easy to remember but very hard to crack. This method is taught to financial security professionals. It works well.

Decide on something you are passionate about. Pick two four letter words that describe it. A few examples; golf ball, good food, fine wine, beat them, blue eyes, you get the idea. For this example we will use best know. Now pick a number between 1 & 4 in this case 2. Put the number between the words, best2know.

The number is the letter that will capitalized. The password is bEst2kNow. This method covers most password requirements, if you need a symbol just add to the end. Maybe a dollar sign, bEst2kNow$.

Take the time to change all the devices and online log in pages to the new password. Just be consistent you will catch most in two to three days. This includes things like your phones and tablets.

Task List

You need to put your 24 to 72 hour action plan in action. Carrying a paper list with you is one option. But the list often seems not to be where you are. Another consideration is that you may not want anybody else seeing this list. Paper lists can be found, a password protected list is private.

Most of you always have your smart phone with you all the time. We suggest you download a free program called do it tomorrow

This program allows you to easily move tasks to the next day that you can’t get done today. It also automatically moves undone tasks to tomorrow.

Sign in as a new user with your new email address. You can download it to your phone from the widgets at the bottom of the page.


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